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Prepositions (at and in)

In Japanese prepositions are one of the most difficult things to learn. I have also heard from a lot of my Japanese friends that learning prepositions in English is also very tricky.

I am going to pull some exercises from the book Basic Grammar in use.

Please but at or in, in the spaces below.

Amy was born ______ 1988.

I like to look at the stars _____ night.

My brother got married ____ May.

Let’s meet ____ 7:30 tomorrow night.

The cafe is open ____ the evening. It closes _______ midnight.

Please put you answers in the comments section.
There is an audio version of this below as well.
Also let me know if you think the sentences were too easy or too difficult.

Thank you for reading and good luck with you studies.










Long time no talk!!

I’m very sorry!!!
I haven’t written in my blog for a long time. My summer vacation was very difficult because I had work almost every day。Many times I worked 10 or 14 days in a row.

It was difficult but my new job is awesome. My co-workers are nice, helpful, and work is always fun.
I can also practice Japanese at my job. At the beginning it was very difficult because everyone usually speaks in Japanese. But now I think I can understand more.

My summer was busy, however it was fun. With my friends I went to a lot of new bars and eating and drinking parties, so I met a lot of new people. At my cafe job I also develop friends with my new co-workers.

There is still 2 more weeks of summer there fore I will make the most of it.

Everyone how was your summer?
What was the most fun thing you did?
What did you want to do, but didn’t?

*If there is a mistake please let me know.
Thank you for reading.






I am no reading a new manga. The manga is called It Will be Breakfast at Tiffany’s Someday.
I don’t know if this manga is popular in Japan but the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s very famous around the world.
But I have never seen the movie. Maybe after I have finished the manga I will watch the movie.
It Will be Breakfast at Tiffany’s Someday has many new words for me to learn. That’s why I have made a new section on my blog. On this section I will write words from the manga.

Have you watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Do you know of the manga?

Please let me know if there are any mistakes.

Thank you for reading.









My first time in Japan (part 2)

… After karaoke we went to see another set of Ken’s friends. He has so many friends!

It was a night that was filled with playing games that involved taking shots. Of course I was able to get his friends to take more shots by saying they were presents from Canada. It was really interesting to play Japanese drinking games as they were a lot different than I expected. Ken’s friends seemed like nice and cool people although again communication was hard for me. The night ended with us watching a scary Japanese movie. I forgot the name but it was something about a cellphone. It was lots of fun, but that night really messed up my sleeping schedule as I stayed up all night.

As the sun came in the morning we headed for the train. This was the first time I had been gone home after staying out all night in Japan. Just like ants to a sugar cube swarms of people headed to the station as well eager to catch the first train. It is definitely not the same as Canada. Although trains go everywhere and are a lot better than in Toronto they only run until around 1:30, and once you missed the last train you only other option is a taxi, which is VERY expensive. A 5 minute ride is around 7-10 dollars.

Getting breakfast in the hotel was also a very interesting experience. It was buffet style so basically I ate whatever I could find. The first day Ken asked my to bring some food up but I wasn’t allowed so I decided to eat by myself.

This was the first time I encountered nato.

It was brown, sticky and looks like Rice Krispies after you mix it in with marshmallows. Of course in my mind I thought that it was going to be sweet and delicious, but when I tried it, it tasted nothing like I thought it would. The texture was slimy not sticky and the smell was very strong. After a few bits I decided not to finish it. Seeing the difference in Japanese breakfast was also interesting there were things like rice and curry, which would only be eaten at dinner time in Canada. Other than the nato everything else was really delicious.

The next few days were filled with lots of traveling and sightseeing. We went to Kyoto, Tokyo Skytree, Shizuoka, and Haneda airport.

Kyoto is a little bit of a long story so I think I will leave it for another post. Tokyo Skytree was amazing that was were I had the conveyor belt sushi. It was filled with so many little shops and restaurants. The tower a obviously very high but we decided not to go up. It looks just like the CN in Toronto and there are also a lot of high and free observation decks in Tokyo. The next day was filled with nice trip to Asakusa.

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If you ever get to go to Japan I would definitely recommend it. The place is makes you feel as if you have jumped into a time machine and traveled back to the edo period. With a hug and beautiful shrine as we all many different shops and interesting but scary looking statues, the place will leave you in awe. Having been there 3 times I can say everytime you go there it is something new.

Back to my first time in Japan though. It was really break taking as I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really plan anything before I went so it was nice as I had no expectations. It rained a little while we were walking around but not too much as to end the sightseeing early. Although it wasn’t a very look stay as we had to get up early the next day.

Ken’s brother Yuta took us on driving adventure. That was the first time I got to see Mount Fuji. Although when we went it was winter time so I couldn’t climb it. I didn’t feel like i missed out on anything though because I have a sever fear of heights. After looking at Mount Fuji from we headed to parliament and also went to Haneda airport. While we were heading there I was lucky enough to see the rainbow bridge. It is called that rainbow bridge because it changes colour throughout the night. Once we arrived at Haneda, I was able to see a wonderful winter that had a choir and eat amazing udon.

Ken’s brother took us to one of his favourite udon restaurants which was located at the airport. It was the first time I can remember eating udon and it was delicious. Everyone’s looked so good that I wish I could have eaten 4 different bowls but of course I only had one. The airport was also decorated spectacularly. There were Christmas lights everywhere.

Seeing illumination in Japan for the first time didn’t really phase me. I just thought that they had pretty Christmas lights. However the next winter I went to Japan I realized what a big deal it was, and how much effort they put into setting up their Christmas illumination festivals.

I guess I still have a lot more to write as I was there during New Years day… so that mean part 3…..TBC





Today’s word is kabe(wall).

Wall is an important word but I didn’t know it before today.

Walls are almost everywhere. In Japan wall are very thin.
Last winter I was in Japan. When Ken and I left the house we turned off the heater. After we returned home the house was very cold.
In Canada I live in an apartment so my house is usually hot. In winter and summer it is hot.
Japan’s summer is more humid than Canada’s summer. In Summer Japan’s thin walls are alright.
This differences are very interesting. Different countries, different walls.